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About Us

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Our Mission

To publish distinctive inspiring books that fulfill the hearts, entertain the souls, educate the minds, and promote emotional growth!

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Our Vision

To become a leading publishing establishment of creative bilingual books that serve the needs of the modern community and have a lasting effect on our children.

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Our Values



Making children stories is a process “made with love”. Once you decide to publish with us your creative text, you’re one step away from a beautifully published story coming out to light!



Our stories are not just words on paper! Each story is interwoven with genuine emotions that can rock kids to sleep in the most delicate form of sweetness. They are made with beautiful art, love and harmony in between! Each of our stories is simply a “treasure in a tale!”


Unique Thinking

Bringing a book into life has never been so unique! In Nour Publishing, children stories can enter every kid’s home in all kinds of shapes and forms! Our books are could be enjoyed and heartfelt whether as paperbacks, ePub books, or even slides. They are brought out into life in motion; they could be listened to, not only read!



You only need to give us a creative text to transform it into the book you’ve dreamed of! So… are you ready to sit back, relax… and enjoy the experience of bringing your book into life?!



Nour Publishing was founded in January 2018 and based in Sharjah Book Authority in Sharjah Publishing City (SPC). We are:
A member of Emirates Publishers Association (EPA)
A member of Arab Children’s Book Publisher Forum
We print and publish innovative children books in both Arabic and English.
The founder and owner of Nour Publishing is Nour Arab, a Palestinian Canadian writer. Arab is an author of more than 20 bilingual children books in both Arabic and English. She believes in the role of extensive reading in developing children’s linguistic skills and emotional intelligence, and has expressed this throughout her journey in the field of writing and publishing


Our Story

It all started with a spark… an inspiration… a passion within… and a thought dwelling in my mind every single day.

Writing and publishing children’s stories is a work done from the heart to reach out to children’s delicate sweethearts all over the world.

Once you start your journey with Nour Publishing, you will discover that passion within.

We are looking forward to hear from you !

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