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Storytelling & Motherhood

Storytelling & Motherhood

Treasure in a Tale!

by: Nour Arab


The word “storytelling,” particularly when paired with motherhood, conjures up the iconic scene of bedtime-story sweetness where a small child is snuggled in the crook of a mother’s arm while she rocks and speaks in soothing melody, perhaps reading from a book or simply relaying her own version of a story while gazing lovingly at her little one (Linnéa E. Franits, Mothers as Storytellers, p. 129-130). What makes mothers’ storytelling so special is that they’re always emotionally ripe, interwoven with genuine emotions that can rock kids to sleep in the most creatively delicate form. Thus, both mothers and children start to treasure that time of day that brings out stories so serene to hear and so warming to those little hearts!

When “stories are made with love”, they become treasures not only to their beholders, but to the world in all. From this beautiful inspirational state that our stories are published and brought out to light, our motto “treasure in a tale” was made!

The more you know about Nourbooks, the more you’ll find about the treasures of our tales and beautiful heartfelt simplicity of the text! 


Many of our story series are dedicated to…

“To that laughter that fills life with happiness~”

“To the sparkling eyes that made me realize the gift within me”

“To whom made me discover that I have wings~”

“To the confident eyes and big heart~”

And as Shakespeare closes up his sonnet 18

   “So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
    So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.”


In Nour Publishing we might as well add…

“So long as our published picture storybooks tell true tales of genuine motherly love,

So long will they live, and spread the world with the most delicate form of eternal love!”


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